Selfhood and Care among Women in Asia

BK21, KAIST, Keio University 2017

ip australia
UX for IP Australia

Research into IP Australia’s Trademark Search

TrademarkVision and IP Australia 2017

sketch of orange sky laundry
Dignity First

Re-thinking Homelessness & Co-creating Tomorrow

Department of Housing and Public Works 2017


Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer Toolkit

CRC Spatial Information 2016 – 2017

Service Innovation with Young Refugees

Co-Designing Early Settlement Services

Commissioned by MDA 2016

Co-Designing an Innovation Hub

For Culturally Diverse Communities in Sydney

Consultancy for Diverse Skills Training 2016

CASE for Women

CreAtive Social Entrepreneurship for Women

Queensland Government & YWCA 2016

Enabling the Smart Citizen

Participatory Analytics & Visualisations to Make Sense of Urban Data

QUT Signature Project 2015 – 2016

Youth Social Enterpreneurship

Kickstarting Youth Social Enterpreneurship in Flexi Schools

QUT Signature Project 2015 – 2016

Living Labs

Fostering Digital Participation through Living Labs in Regional and Rural Australian Communities

ARC Linkage 2014 – 2016

Risky Gadgets to the Rescue

Designing Personal Ubicomp Devices to Foster Safer Driving Behaviours in Young Males

ARC DECRA 2014 – 2016

Geocultural Research & the New Spatial Turn

Understanding Socio-Cultural Phenomena through Geovisualisation

VC Research Fellowship 2014 – 2016

Augmented City Model

Augmented & Top-projected Visualisation of Real-time Data on a City-scale Model

QUT Signature Project 2014 – 2015


Recording the Past – Designing the Future: The InstaBooth for Situated Community Engagement

QUT Engagement Innovation Grant 2014 – 2015

Reduce Your Juice

Assisting Low-income Households to Better Manage Their Energy Use

Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program 2013 – 2015

HCI After Dark

Personal Safety in the City: Design Solutions for After Dark

ARC DECRA 2013 – 2015