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Selfhood and Care among Women in Asia


BK21, KAIST, Keio University


Many women face ongoing pressure to embody beauty ideals, which involves significant economic consequences, as well as emotional and physical risks. There is limited systematic care and support to ensure their health and wellbeing or sociocultural, economic, and political empowerment.

How might we bring together technological, design, and sociocultural possibilities to empower women?

This project began in South Korea, which has reputation as the plastic surgery capital of the world, which tells many stories about contemporary Korea, and the pressures Korean women face. In Korea we have begun exploring online selfie culture among women, creating #iamnotaselfie in order to empower women to challenge expectations and ideals, and create more positive selfhood, together. Our next steps include expanding this project across other parts of Asia, including Japan (with collaboration with Keio University).